Pearl jewelry care

1. Wipe the pearls with a clean dry cloth after use to get rids of oil or other dirt on the surface of the pearl.
2. You can wipe visibly dirty pearls with a damp cloth and use soap that does not contain alcohol or strong chemicals.
3. If the pearl necklace gets wet during cleaning, allow it to dry. This way, the silk thread used in the jewelry does not suffer.
4. Occasionally take the jewelry to the manufacturer if you notice that the thread appears loose.
5. Wear them last, undress them firstDo not wear pearls while adding cosmetic products containing alcohol, for example perfume.. 
6. Store the jewelry in a bag. The bag protects the pearls from scratches. Do not store the jewelry in a rack, it will wear out the silk thread.
7. Beads love moisture so use them as often as possible. The surface of the pearl remains beautiful this way. The pearls will start to turn yellow and get cracks when they are dry.
8. Remember that the surface of the pearl is very delicate. Avoid solvents and other strong substances.