We want our customers to know where our products come from. Made in China doesn't always mean bad working conditions.

We work with four different Chinese private entrepreneurs, all responsible for specific materials and styles. We communicate with them almost daily, and about twice a year we visit them and design new collections.

The biggest reason for the cooperation is our Managing Director Liisa Rantakari-Elliott's restaurant career in Beijing, during which she established friendships and customer relationships with local entrepreneurs. Another reason is skill. China is known to have the world's best pearl-binding skills and also the largest material market. House of Elliot has a certificate regarding ethical manufacturing of jewelry.



We want the life of your jewelry to be as long as possible. Instead of buying a new piece of jewelry, you can bring your old jewelry to us and together we can design a completely new look for them by adding materials to them or for example making several bracelets from a necklace.

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Is pearl a durable and ethical jewelry material?

Pearls are a natural material consisting of nacre that develops within an oyster. The pearl itself is not bad for the environment, but mass culturing of pearls can be. China has in recent years reduced the number of pearl plantations for environmental reasons, which may soon be reflected in pearl prices.

It is important to note that the price of a pearl tells a lot about its background. An expensive pearl often comes from a small private pearl farm. For example, Tahitian pearls are produced only on small farms, which is one of the reasons for their high price. Cheap freshwater pearls come from mass cultures. Small-scale farming does not cause climate issues and improves people's living conditions.

Pearl imitations made of glass, plastic or fish scones are more harmful to the environment than, for example, seashell pearls made from pearl shell powder.

"Pearls are always appropriate"
Mrs. Jackie Kennedy

Fortunately, pearls never go out of fashion. When you buy pearls for yourself, you can use them for the rest of your life and good quality pearls last for decades and even hundreds of years.